The NETWork program will provide learning opportunities that allow currently unemployed individuals to develop skills required to transition into entry level employment positions. NETWork is comprised of three major components: Essential Skill Learning Modules), Volunteer Activities, and Workplace Experience.

Essential skills learning modules will focus on the essential employability skills of Developing Learning Paths and Career Goals, Personal Management Strategies, Understanding Workplace Form and Function, Banking and Budgeting, and Networking. As well, it equips participants with the skills and knowledge to access employability supports throughout the community.

Volunteer activities are included as transition element between non-attachment and attachment to the labour market. Volunteerism provides the opportunity to practice essential skills in a low-pressure work environment, provides networking opportunities with multiple professional sectors, and has the documented effect of improving individuals’ self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Workplace experience provides the opportunity to become familiar with entry level employment, allows the participant to demonstrate his/her skill set to a potential employer, and provides valuable work experience to cite in the search for permanent employment.

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